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extreme examples of car vandalism 640 11Many vandals target cars for pranks such as egging, saran wrapping, or spray painting. Depending on the area in which you live, you have three options to best protecting your car. 

Basic Precaution: If you usually leave your car doors unlocked, you may want to lock your doors on Halloween night. This simple action can deter would-be troublemakers from planting stink bombs or stealing your CD’s

Minor Alert: Maybe you live in an area where you park on the street. Street-parked cars can be targeted for drive-by egging or spray-painting. Protect your car by parking it in your garage overnight. If you don’t have a garage, simply moving your car behind your house or leaving it at your office can prevent a messy situation. Remember, as with most things, “out of sight” equates to “out of mind.” If vandals can’t see the target, there isn’t one.

Trick-or-treaters probably won't be the only ones prowling the streets Halloween night. Pranksters may be out with their tricks, and cars are not immune.

People throw pumpkins at cars, spray them with spray paint, Silly String, (throw) eggs. Little vandels looking to cause some little meyhem.


These sorts of "tricks" contain acids that eat into a car's paint job. If left on the paint, the damage could become permanent.


Eggs are especially troublesome to cars and property and paint can stick to the protein from eggs, leaving the car vulnerable to rust. The paint adheres and it actually shatters like a piece of glass. Pieces will flake off, and that's when you start seeing that strange oval, kind of like a little sunshine in your paint. 

If the car owner notices the damage, you can immediately use glass cleaner or even warm, soapy water to clean it. Even a bit later, it will dilute the acid and minimize damage. Don't just wipe the mess away with a towel. You want to use something that has some lubricant between the towel. If you just take your towel and wipe on it, the dirt or debris is going to scratch your paint, even cause more damage,

The best defense by far, is a coat of wax. It can help protect the car's finish even when the car owner doesn't catch the vandalism until the next day.

You have that film of wax over it, a little bit of protection that goes between the chemicals in the pumpkin and the car paint so they don't merge. Egg is the same thing.



Some good news is that the vehicles made over the past decade feature a clear coat paint that resists damage better than ever before.


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