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Rolls-Royce regularly makes special editions for one market or another. And lets face it: most of them are in the Middle East, or more specifically along the Persian Gulf. But their names don't always translate well to English, even for an English automaker. The last one, for example, was characterized as a Mysore. And this latest one is for Adiyats.

 Al-Adiyat is actually what this latest special run of Rolls-Royces are called, taking its name from the Arabic word describing the sound hoofs make when they hit the ground. It's a limited edition of just ten coupes, including nine Wraiths and the one and only Phantom Coupe you see here.

The collection takes its inspiration from horses, "with motifs of reigns and horses, while gold-plated horseshoe stamps make a striking statement upon the clock and treadplates." The look is completed (on the Phantom at least) with a bright red paintjob that continues inside with red leather, carpets and headliner.

In short, it's not for subtle tastes, but we don't doubt that Rolls will sell each and every one, assuming it hasn't already.

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