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Despite some warnings that plug-in vehicles would not make a big impression in Geneva this year, the first big reveals from the Peace Capital are indeed PHEVs. For example, the diesel-electric Audi Q7 E-Tron Quattro, which right out of the gate comes at us with some impressive numbers: an all-electric range of 34 miles and the "potential" to hit 166 miles per gallon equivalent. Whatever scale Audi is rating the new Q7 PHEV on, 166 MPGe is a resounding success.

As we might guess from the prototypes we've seen and hints we've had, the Q7 E-Tron Quattro is not some auto salon fantasy. The vehicle will go on sale at the end of this year, in the UK, at least. Availability in the rest of Europe and here in the US is likely but unspecified in the press materials we've seen so far. The real-world reality of the Q7 E‑Tron Quattro means that specs like a 0-100 kilometers an hour (62 miles per hour) time of six seconds and a top speed of 225 kmh (139.8 mph), CO2 emissions of under 50 grams per kilometer and a total system torque output of 516.3 pound-feet should be ours to test in the not-too-distant future. This whole E-Tron program is turning out to be quite something. Who else is ready?

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