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Ferrari is working to repair an issue with its flagship LaFerrari hypercar, but the automaker claims the problem is not as drastic as some widely-circulated rumors would have you believe.

In response to our inquiry into the matter, a Ferrari spokesperson told Autoblog that "no recall has been issued regarding the LaFerrari." Instead, the company tells us that "some clients have been invited to take their cars to an authorized service center to substitute the fuel tank with a new one with new paint." The issue seems to revolve around "a possible incorrect adhesion of a layer of paint on the fuel tank," which could result in a fire.

Contrary to rumors that suggested the issue would affect every example of the seven-figure supercar built to date and would take several weeks to repair, we're told that "the time to change the fuel tank is relatively short and the intervention concerns only a limited number of LaFerraris."

That "relatively short" time period, we're told, "takes approximately one day," and "all of the cars have already been serviced in the US." As to whether this constitutes a recall or simply a suggested service as Ferrari claims, however, is a matter that's open to interpretation.

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