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The Shanghai Motor Show is about more than just displaying the latest extended-wheelbase luxury sedans to the Chinese populace. Chevrolet is taking advantage of the event to debut its vision of the future of motoring with the FNR concept, and the capsule looks like it could be fresh from off the set of Blade Runner.

The FNR imagines what a fully autonomous, electric vehicle might look like many years from now and is meant to appeal to young, Chinese consumers. The concept's design from the minds at GM's Pan Asia Technical Automotive Center does a pretty neat magic trick, too. Most times it's a mass of glass and curving lines that looks very sci-fi, but then the dragonfly doors open upwards to reveal some knife-edged angles in the styling, as well.

As a cutting-edge concept, this capsule is also packed with futuristic tech. Power comes from magnetic hubless electric motors in each wheel, and it could charge wirelessly. Crystal lasers generate the headlights and taillights, and radar in the roof would allow scanning the surroundings for autonomous driving.

The interior is similarly imaginative as the rest of the styling. Passengers are enveloped in blue light while sitting in mostly mesh chairs with huge bolsters. Keys have been done away with entirely in favor of iris recognition. Once on the road, the front seats even swivel around to more easily talk with rear passengers. Check it all out in the gallery above for a glimpse a Chevy's vision of what might be next.

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