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Automakers have been clamoring to convey their ethos to a new generation and cast their brand in a positive light through the Vision Gran Turismo series. But while these concepts are designed for the virtual reality of Gran Turismo 6, some automakers have gone a step further by pulling their creations out of cyberspace and rendering them in the metal. And that's just what Infiniti has done with its design.

Infiniti revealed its Concept Vision Gran Turismo back in December, striking a a sleek, low-slung form that looks more polished than a racing car but more track-focused than most concepts. It's powered (at least hypothetically) by a 4.5-liter V8 hybrid powertrain, with center-lock carbon-fiber wheels and rearward-biased 45/55 weight distribution.

It's the kind of beast we'd love to drive, but while that may only be possible on Playstation, at least we know it does exist in physical reality – even if only as a full-scale model. Infiniti showcased it alongside the Q80 Inspiration and Q60 Concept at an exclusive event during the Shanghai Motor Show last week, but just revealed the photos now, so you can scope them out in the slideshow above.

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