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Though Aston Martin has been known to produce some pretty stunning designs all on its own, it's also no stranger to the efforts of independent coachbuilders. It's had a longstanding relationship with Zagato that has given birth to some of the most stunning automotive collaborations ever to roam the open road, but now it's time for another designer to step up to the plate with the creation previewed here.

It's called the Vengeance and it's the latest project from Kahn Design – a British firm perhaps better known for its (often wildly) customized Land Rovers, but with a history of enhancing Astons as well. Adopting a name that fits into traditional Aston nomenclature along nameplates like Vantage, Vanquish and Virage, the Vengeance is being built atop a DB9, but with highly modified coachwork.

As you can see from the preview renderings in the slideshow above, the design calls for features a a bulging hood, slotted grille, wide rear fenders, polished steel roof and window frames, and staggered alloys – 20 inches up front, 21 in the back – inspired by roulette wheels with diamond-cut rims and body-colored centers.

"The Vengeance underlines Kahn Design's expertise in design and coachbuilding," said Azfal Kahn in the statement below. "With a team of over 25 designers in house we're involved in all aspects of product design from automotive to timepieces, interiors, retail space, clothing and accessories."

Only a limited quantity of individually numbered examples will be hand-made in the British Midlands, with pricing and availability yet to be announced but promising what Kahn says will "represent extremely good value for a limited edition coachbuilt car."

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