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Seeing a Porsche undergoing testing in Germany – even at the Nürburgring – is hardly a rare sight. But this one has us scratching our heads.

Though almost entirely devoid of any sort of camouflage, this particular 911 clearly has something going on. It's got LED daytime running lights (similar in appearance to those on the Cayman GT4) integrated into the front end, extra air vents around back, and a pair of exhaust tips poking out the middle of the rear bumper.

In the end, we could be looking at the upcoming facelift scheduled for the 911 that will see it shift to forced induction across the entire range (save for the GT3 and GT3 RS) – or this could be another version of the existing model. Porsche has been known to churn out a steady stream of those, after all.

One way or another, though, it looks like we'll be finding out sooner than later – judging from how ready this particular Elfen looks to hit the show stand and showroom.

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