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In the world of car-rumors, those surrounding the revival of the Toyota Supra are rivaled only mid-engine Corvettes and billion-dollar barn finds for Internet potency. Let's face it, we love them as much as you do.

Entering stage right then is your latest Supra tidbit. The always-vigilant forum masters at have been spending caffeine-fueled nights combing through the US Patent and Trademark Office websites, it seems. The recent result of their efforts is a trademark filing for "Toyota S-FR," in reference to "automobiles and structural parts thereof."

While hardly a smoking gun, Supra theorists propose that the May 28 filing could signal the way forward for a new sports car. The "S" might be Toyota's homage to the Supra nameplate, with "FR" obviously indicating a front-engine, rear-drive layout. We'd be surprised if Toyota was so wiling to throw away the brand equity built in to the Supra name – the company did re-up its Supra mark. Then again, we would've called the FR-S "Celica," too. Go figure.

Of course, the trademark could be for just about anything else. A sub-FR-S model is one proposition, though it could just as easily be a concept car, or nothing at all. Sleuths, tell us what you think in Comments, below.

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