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It's generally accepted that the Jeep Cherokee was the first real midsize sport utility vehicle to make headway into the hearts, minds and driveways of American consumers in 1984. While that SUV was aimed at the mainstream, it could be argued that the vehicle that made the idea of a luxury SUV possible was the seminal Jeep Grand Wagoneer.

We've been hearing rumblings of a revived Grand Wagoneer for years, but if a report from Automotive News is accurate (despite the fact that it seemingly contradicts an earlier report from the same outlet), the wait may nearly be over. Jeep plans to show off its new Grand Wagoneer at the upcoming dealer show in Las Vegas in August, and while that doesn't give any real indication of when such a vehicle may make it into the hands of consumers, such news probably at least means the automaker has a finalized design.

While we're mostly over retro-inspired cars, we'll happily cast a vote toward a three-row Grand Wagoneer with faux woodie body sides, if anyone cares to tally it.

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