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Want to get your hands on a new Ranger? Ford doesn't offer it here anymore, so you'll have to travel (or relocate) to somewhere it does. Like Bangkok, Thailand, where it just unveiled the new Ranger Wildtrak.

Based on the updated Ranger revealed just a few months ago, the new Wildtrak features a more, shall we say, vibrant design as the flagship of the Ranger range. Dark metallic gray accents the nose, mirrors, door handles, air vents, bed rails, and tail lamps for a sportier, more rugged look.

It's also got a contrasting hoop at the junction of cab and bed, rectangular fog lamps, 18-inch alloys, and Wildtrak graphics to set it apart from "lesser" Rangers. And the interior has been enhanced as well with all the upgrades applied to the standard model along with sportier trim.

Everything else carries over from the standard model, including the diesel powertrain, full suite of the latest electronic assists, and go-anywhere capability. It'll ford (suitably enough) through water over 31 inches deep, clear nine inches above the ground and tow over 7,700 pounds.

If you want to know more, you can scope out all the details in the press release below - or better yet, book a flight across the Pacific and see for yourself.

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