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The prospect of buying a new Dodge Viper just got that much more enticing with the introduction of matte-finish paint direct from the factory. Available as part of the "1 of 1" customization program, the matte finishes aren't being offered in just a handful of colors like some other automakers do: customers will be able to specify a matte finish on any of the 8,000 colors that are already part of the program's palette.

The matte finish option adds yet another step to the exhaustive hand-painting process that Dodge offers on the Viper - a painstaking endeavor that takes upwards of 145 man hours to complete. Specialists start by applying a base coat and a clear finish, followed by the paint and clear coat. The finished body panels are then smoothed with 1,000-grit paper and polished.

A second sanding process is required for the matte finish before the application of a matte clear coat. Specify custom stripes (available in five colors or by custom order) and they're applied under the paint, not as decals on top.

The availability of the matte finish in conjunction with the stripe options and new satin badging and fuel cap leads to over 50 million combinations. Needless to say, that means no two Vipers need ever leave the Conner Avenue assembly plant the same – though there will surely always be certain favorite combinations, especially on those units ordered from outside the customization program.

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