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Not two months ago, Ford posted lower-than-expected first quarter earnings partly because of production issues with the new F-150, but raised the year's profit outlook thinking the production issues were over. A month later we got word of more manufacturing problems due to a shortage of frames, leaving the company unable to fulfill demand. The problems not only ate into Ford's bottom line, but also its market share, since the F-Series truck has been the best-selling vehicle for the past 33 years.

Inventory still isn't where Ford wants it, and won't be until the end of September. The pipeline is stocked enough, however, that Bloomberg reports The Blue Oval is putting up to $10,029 on the hood in some parts of the country, and only on certain trims, as a way to stay competitive with rival truck makers. Ford lost 100,000 units of production during the changeover of the two plants that build it. The frame shortage compounds that, which has led to F-150 sales that are down 2.4 percent through the first half of the year. F-150 market share in June 2014 was 33 percent, this June it was 28 percent.

Meanwhile, sales over at General Motors and Ram are climbing - Chevrolet Silverado sales were up 18 percent year-on-year in June. Ford said its incentive spending on the F-150 is down overall this year, and its average transaction price of $44,100 remains the highest in the segment. Still, it will look forward to solid footing to take on rivals.

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