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Mitsubishi is following the unveiling of the heavily refreshed 2016 Outlander at the 2015 New York Auto Show with the European debut of the plug-in hybrid version at this year's Frankfurt Motor Show. The PHEV goes on sale there in September, and a rally-prepped PHEV Outlander is taking part in the Baja Portalegre 500 in Portugal in October. Rumors suggest that the updated plug-in model might come to the US in early 2016.

Mechanically, the Outlander PHEV retains separate motors to power the front and rear wheels, but the company has some revisions for the system to make it more efficient. Emissions are cut thanks to reduced engine friction, and acceleration is reportedly quicker, too.

In large part, the 2016 PHEV carries over all of the styling and mechanical updates of its non-electrified sibling. That includes the completely new front end that mixes chrome and gloss black for a more interesting look. The plug-in gets a few design cues of its own, including a different shape for the lower bumpers, less chrome down the sides, and some body-color trim. It also rides on a set of two-tone 18-inch wheels. Inside, there's a four-spoke steering wheel and brown, and black leathers are available.

Previously offered on the Japanese model, European customers now get access to the Outlander PHEV's vehicle-to-home power system. The tech allows owners to plug in their CUV and provide electricity to their house from the vehicle's battery.

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