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Mercedes-Benz has finally dropped the top on its range-topping model, the long-lived S-Class. The new cabriolet takes the handsome, sophisticated good looks of the hardtop model and adds a three-layer canvas roof that can be lowered or raised in just 20 seconds.

On top of the unlimited headroom, the new S-Class Cabriolet adds Mercedes' popular AirScarf neck-warming system, as well as a new nine-speed automatic transmission on the S550 model. As we previously reported, the S63 AMG will continue to use the seven-speed AMG Speedshift transmission. Both cars match their hardtop and four-door counterparts in terms of output.

On top of AirScarf, Mercedes also fitted the Thermotronic climate control system. It uses 12 sensors and 18 actuators to measure a wide array of metrics, all in the pursuit of keeping the cabin temperature at the driver's ideal temperature.

Scroll up for our full gallery of photos of the new S-Class Cabriolet from the floor of the 2015 Frankfurt Motor Show. We also have the official press release from Mercedes down below. Check them out.

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