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Want to know how much to put away for a new Volkswagen Passat GTE? Well, first you'll have to move to Germany, or another market where the model will be sold – because it's not being offered in the US. In fact, it's based on a Passat that's altogether different from the one we get in America. But, once you've arrived at a place where the Passat GTE is available, you'll need to shell out about €45,000. That's equivalent to $50,000 US at current exchange rates, which is more than the starting MSRP on any VW currently available Stateside.

VW just announced domestic pricing for the new plug-in hybrid, which starts at €44,250 for the sedan and €45,250 for the wagon. For that much scratch, you get a Passat with a 1.4-liter turbo four good for 154 horsepower paired with an electric motor good for another 113 hp. Working in unison, the hybrid powertrain produces as much as 216 horses, and will drive up to 31 miles on electric power alone. Combined with the 50-liter (13.2-gallon) gas tank, the Passat GTE will travel over 680 miles before needing to stop.

Along with the GTE, the German automaker is also launching the new Alltrack version of the Passat. Based on the Variant wagon, the new Passat Alltrack packs all-wheel drive and more rugged styling inside and out for a treatment similar to what Audi does for its Allroad models, Volvo its Cross Country line, and Subaru its Outback range. In Passat form, the Alltrack will set German buyers back €38,550.

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