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Compared to its big brother, the Toyota Prius C has been only a moderate success, selling just a shade over 40,000 units last year. While we'd like to think part of that is because it's one of the slowest new vehicles on the market, some of the slow sales could be blamed on the baby Prius' squished looks.

This new Persona Series doesn't do much to address those two qualms, but it does make a rather significant aesthetic change. In place of the Prius C's bright, noisy palette, there are two options and they only serve as accent colors. Owners can have any body color they want, so long as it's black. That shade can be paired with either Electric Lime or Cherry Pearl accents, which brighten up the lower grille trim and area below the headlights. Essentially, it's automotive lipstick and eye shadow, while accent colored mirrors and strips of color under the windows brighten up the Persona Series' profile. Black, 15-inch alloy wheels and special-edition badging round out the exterior tweaks.

The Persona Series is a limited-run item, with just 1,500 units on offer. Prices have not been published yet. Toyota has made a number of very small updates, the sort that are typical on a year-to-year basis, across the Prius C range. You can catch up on the less noteworthy minutiae for the 2016 Prius C in the full press release, available below.

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