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It may yet be a little while longer before Polestar gives the new Volvo XC90 a full working over. But in the meantime, the Swedish automaker's newly integrated performance division has announced some milder upgrades for Gothenburg's flagship SUV. While the upgrades may be fairly modest in scope, they bode well for things to come.

The enhancements being offered are similar to the ones announced earlier this year for Volvo's other Drive-E models. That centers principally around throttle response and the precision and shifting speed of the transmission. The focus here is more on how the vehicle behaves than what it's capable of by any measurable standard like output or performance.

Polestar will be limiting the upgrades initially to the T6 and D5 models. Since we're only getting the T8 plug-in hybrid model on this side of the Atlantic, that means those upgrades aren't available in the United States just yet. But their announcement paves the way for future upgrades, which the Swedish company promises will arrive in due course. And hopefully the next round will be offered Stateside as well.

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