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Let our family treat your car like its one of the family!

Talk about service! My daughters car broke down again.... Steve came to pick it up from my house in Yorba Linda - the car has more than 150k miles... Great to have an honest auto repair available


I highly recommend them - great for busy person trying to keep all cars running in a household -)


This is the detailed text I got :

This is josh from H. Heaven on the escape there are 4 things I want to go over with you 1) is the alternator it's not outputting what it should and is hurting the battery replace the alternator is $679. Replace the battery so it doesn't hurt the new alternator is $210. The valve cover have gotten worst and need to be replaced and that would be with spark plugs and gasket sets would be $945. The reason the coolant light is on is because there is a crack in the coolant expansion tank replace that with a coolant service would be 395.

Let me know what you want to do or call or txt if you have any questions:)

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