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Easy Auto Repair Tips/Advice

Easy Auto Repair Tips/Advice

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Teen Driver Car Maintenance and Repair Guide

Posted by on in H.Heaven Easy Auto Repair
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As a teen driver, you've probably taken a driver's education course to learn the ins-and-outs of driving, traffic laws and important safety tips when you're behind the wheel. And by now, you've probably heard time and again how important defensive driving is.

What you might not know, however, is the importance of keeping your car properly maintained and knowing basic automotive repair, to help prevent you from being stranded along the road and to help you avoid hefty repair bills.

Car Maintenance and Repair Tips & Tricks you Probably Didn't Know but Should

bad-gas-mileageDid you don't need to use the highest grade of gasoline for your car's engine to perform its best? The common opinion among experts is that the difference in quality between different grades of gasoline today is very
small, so don't waste your money by filling up with premium gasoline unless your car "requires" it (if this exact wording is stated in your owner's manual).



WomanTiresDid you can check for tire wear and tear by using a simple penny? Hold a penny at the base between your thumb and forefinger so that you can see the top of President Lincoln's head and the words "In God We Trust." Place the top of Lincoln's head into one of the grooves in your tire tread. If any part of Lincoln's head is covered, you have a legal and safe amount of tire tread left and your tires probably don't need to be replaced. However, if there is any space above Lincoln's head, or if you can see any part of the words "In God We Trust," it's time for new tires.


change-engine-oilDid you should change your oil every 5,000 miles? Experts used to recommend an oil change every 3,000 miles, but most of today's new cars don't require an oil change that often. A good rule of thumb is this – if your car is older than a 2002 model year, you should probably change your oil every 3,000 miles. If it's newer than a 2002 model, it's fine to change your oil every 5,000 miles.



car-battery-checkDid you know...if something electrical in your car stops working, it might be a blown fuse? Identify which electrical part isn't working. Using the owner's manual, locate the fuse box. Then, locate the fuse for the part that isn't working. Remove the blown fuse with a plastic fuse removal tool, usually located in the fuse box. Install a new fuse with the same amperage rating. Test the electrical part for proper operation to verify the repair. For help, view pictures of how to replace a fuse.



checkenginelightDid you know...if your Check Engine light is blinking while you're driving, you should pull over immediately? The Check Engine light can signal any number of system failures, from a fuel vapor leak caused by a loose gas cap to a faulty O2 sensor. If the light comes on and stays on without flashing - yet the car seems to be running smoothly - chances are your car can be examined by a mechanic when you get home. On the other hand, if the Check Engine light is blinking while you're driving, pull over or get to a mechanic right away. A blinking check engine light usually indicates a severe misfire that could damage your car's expensive catalytic converter.

filling-up-gas-1000Did you shouldn't top off your gas tank? Topping off your gas tank can actually cause extra gasoline to be fed back into the gas station's holding tanks. That means you could actually be spending more money for gas in the long run – extra gas your car won't use. What's more, overfilling your gas tank can cause harmful vapors to be released into the environment. And gasoline needs room to expand, so if you top off your tank, the extra gasoline can evaporate into your car's vapor collection system, causing your engine to run

Car Repair Safety Tips

Always wear safety glasses when repairing your vehicle, in addition to other personal protective equipment such as latex gloves and closed to shoes.

Never smoke cigarettes when repairing your car.

Be sure the parking brake is on and the gearshift is in Park or Neutral when repairing or maintaining your vehicle.

Always shut off the engine ahead of time, unless it has to be running in order to make the repair.

Unless a warm engine is required for a repair, make sure the motor is cold to avoid burns.

 Always properly block the wheels of your car before putting it on a car jack.

Always disconnect the negative battery cable, when performing electrical work.

Remove jewelry and tie back long hair before making repairs.

When using toxic substances such as engine coolant or engine cleaners, exercise caution around your hand, mouth and eyes. Wear safety glasses as well as other personal protective equipment such as latex gloves and closed toe shoes whenever possible. Always wash your hands after using toxic substances and be sure to store them safely away from children or pets. Keep all hazardous materials, such as gasoline, away from open flame.

Make sure your work space is well ventilated and whenever possible, work outside.

If you work inside, keep the door open and your car as close to the door as you can.

Always have a fire extinguisher nearby and be sure you know how to properly operate it. Keep one in your garage and one in your vehicle.

H.Heaven Automotive is conveniently located in central Huntington Beach, just minutes from the 405 Freeway. We proudly repair all makes and models of vehicles. If you require a car repair in Huntington Beach, come to H.Heaven. For expert Automotive repair while in Huntington Beach call H.Heaven at (714) 841-1949 . Call us today or make an appointment now by clicking below. All repairs have a 3yr/36k mile warranty!

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