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Funny Thanksgiving Stories

A Piece of Pumpkin Pie?

grandmas-pumpkin-pieJolene was only 8 years old and lived with family in the country with her parents and brother. Consequently they did not often have visitors from the city. One day Jolene's mother said that father was bringing two guests home for Thanksgiving supper.

After they had enjoyed the turkey, Jolene went to the kitchen to help her mother, and proudly brought in the first piece of pumpkin pie and gave it to her father. He then passed the plate to a guest. When Jolene came in with the second piece and gave it to his father, he again gave it to a guest.

This was too much for Little Jolene, who blurted out, 'It's no use, Daddy. The pieces are all the same size.'

What's the best thing to put into a pumpkin pie? Your teeth.

A Curious Thanksgiving Story


The minister of the church was giving a Thanksgiving service.
A ragged man in the audience asked, 'What is there to be thankful for?'
Surprised, the minister replied, 'What is your name, sir?'
'Cause,' was the reply.
'Well Cause, you could be thankful for your healthy body...'
'I'm blind and I have lung cancer.'
'..or your family...'
'I don't have a family.'
'...or your home...'
'I don't have a home.'
"Well, then,' retorted the preacher, I guess you're a lost Cause!'


Cold Turkey - A Funny Thanksgiving Story

turkey-on-headIt was the Monday before Thanksgiving, Bobby Evans collapsed in a Wal-Mart in Worcester Massachusetts. Other customers gathered around and the first-aider was summoned. It did not look good for Bobby, there was blood coming out of his ear, his face looked white and he was unconscious.

The store manager dialed 911 and when the medical team arrived the first thing they did was take off Bobby's hat, to everyone's amazement inside was a partially frozen turkey. What felled Bobby was the chill from turkey numbing his brain. The blood came from the giblets which had melted and leaked over his hair and down into his ear.Funny Turkey Pictures

As it was Thanksgiving the manager took pity, and rather than prosecuting the shop-lifter, gave him the partly thawed bird and sent Bobby on his way. Two days later the manager got letter from Bobby apologizing for his behavior and thanking the manager for his action. Also inside the envelope was $15, the price of his turkey.