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Local Repair Shop And Dealers Overcharge Regularly

Been in the auto repair business for 25 years and to my amazement there are a lot of shops that plain old overcharge! The key to car repair is by research, especially if you are trying to save a buck. I have been a mechanic in San Diego for 25 years and let me tell you from experience that a little research and perseverance can and will save you money.

Why? Auto parts charge way to much from one auto parts to another you can save up to 100% sounds unbelievable its not though Napa must be the most expensive auto parts yet they are the busiest. The best place to shop for retail shoppers is Autozone the prices are very competitive and not bad parts most of there parts come with a lifetime warranty. The best part of it is you can get any part warranted in almost any state.

My suggestion would be to call 2-4 shops and compare there prices and also ask them if they charge by the the job or the hour. Another thing you can do is ask them where they purchase there parts and check the prices of the parts, because Auto Shops on average charge any where from 25% to 100% more for the parts than what they pay for them. Always make sure the auto shop puts the price in writing also they are known to change the price once the automobile is in there shop.

Just do a little research and you can save your self lots of money.