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Headlight Restoration


As cars begin to age, one of the first places where wear and tear becomes visible is in the headlights. Because of their location on the vehicle, headlights take the brunt of any kicked up rocks, gravel, or anything else. These days, headlight restoration has become popular in Virginia Beach, where people are constantly trying to find new ways to increase the values of their cars without spending a fortune on repair and replacement costs.

Headlight restoration is not only useful for its aesthetic benefits but also important for safe driving. The scratches and oxidization that naturally occur on headlights over time can make it more difficult for the light from the bulbs themselves to shine through, decreasing visibility for the driver of the vehicle. Therefore, having headlights that allow the driver to see clearly can be invaluable, especially when driving on small, winding roads at night.

When a Car Needs Headlight Restoration

When it comes to headlight restoration, the service actually works to improve the look of the clear plastic headlight covers that go around the headlight bulbs, not the bulbs themselves. Over a period of time, even the best-kept headlight covers become gummed up with gunk from the road. This leads to a foggy, oxidized, or hazy look that some older car headlights tend to have. So it is easy to spot if a car needs headlight restoration, because its headlights just don't look clear anymore.

The period of time between when you buy a vehicle and when your headlights might start needing headlight restoration will depend on a number of factors, such as how much you are driving and what kind of driving you are doing. In the end, however, it mostly depends on how long it takes before you get sick of the gummed-up look of your headlights and not being able to see through all the excess debris covering the actual light source, and decide to do something about it.


How Much to Get the Headlights Restored

Getting the headlights on a vehicle restored is almost always cheaper than having them replaced. At Precision Dent Removal, the complete headlight restoration process costs our Virginia Beach clients about $65 per headlight. Although the price of replacing a headlight altogether varies depending on the model of the car, it is generally much higher than the cost of restoration.

What We Do at My Company

I recommend that you ask for referrals when you look for someone to handle any repairs on your car. Once a car has been brought in, my team and I at Precision Dent Removal will first examine it to determine just how much has to be done to restore the headlights to their original look. Using a special process and cleaning formula that cuts through the film covering the headlights, we will get to work taking the headlights from foggy to clear. When headlight restoration has been done right, the vehicle owner should be able to see clearly through the skin of the headlight. In fact, he can have the same sort of vision and brightness from the headlight as he had when he first bought the car.

Headlight restoration is currently a small part of our Virginia Beach business. Although we restore headlights for all types of vehicles — including motorcycles — it is more common that we will do headlight restoration work for auto dealerships directly than for individual customers. Despite how little is known about headlight restoration, however, it's still an important service that my company offers to improve not only the look of a vehicle but also how safe it is to drive at night.