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Mercedes Service


Getting the Best Value - Mercedes Service

If you own a Mercedes and a service is due, one of the most important considerations is cost. There are many options available to you with regard to where to book you vehicle in. You may either take your car to a main dealer or an independent garage who will carry out a Mercedes service for you. Both dealer and independent should use original parts, meaning that you will protect you manufacturer warranty.

You can either get an interim Mercedes service, or a full Mercedes service. An interim service is ideal to have in between the main annual service if you are a high mileage car user. The interim service will help to maintain the safety and reliability of your Mercedes. A full service is performed every 12 months and is far more comprehensive including a wide range of adjustments and checks. The Mercedes service should be executed as per Mercedes' specification.

An interim service will not include the lubrication of door hinges, nor checks for the condition of car catches and locks, coolant system, engine cooling fan and throttle operation. The fuel and air filters are not replaced and nor are the spark plugs. The condition of HT leads is also not inspected. The engine, gear box mounts and distibutor cap will not be checked for wear and neither will the wheel bearings. The coolant pipes, hoses and radiator will not be checked as they would be in a full service. In a full service, the wheels are removed and the front and rear brakes are checked, whereas in an interim service, this check is not carried out.

Car servicing costs now are very competitive, and there are a range of Mercedes service centres you can research for the best value. Mercedes dealerships are not bound to tie you in to their servicing, so it may be worthwhile shopping around for good value Mercedes servicing deals. You could save up to 60% off main dealer prices just by shopping around. For example, some centres offer a free interim service when you book an annual service with them. The web is another superb way to shop around, as some Mercedes service centres have online special offers.

Make sure when you shop around that the Mercedes service centre you decide on has a 12 month parts and labour guarantee so that you are covered if anything goes wrong after the service. And it's crucial that you ensure that they use genuine Mercedes parts, otherwise your warranty will be invalidated. Some service centres offer additional benefits and perks, such as free pick-up and delivery of your car at your home or work, a free valet, or discounts on second car servicing.