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Auto Repair Quotes


How To Choose Between Auto Repair Quotes

Getting your car repaired stinks. It can be a frustrating ordeal before; during and especially after you've finished paying the difference for the repairs. A common mistake that a lot of people make is automatically assuming that by taking their vehicle to an authorized dealership that sells vehicles, they will be getting better quality service over an independent mechanic who doesn't have all of the fancy bells and whistles. Have you ever heard that saying, "Don't judge a book by its cover"? Well, it's true. An independent mechanic can do just as good as a job, if not better, than a big dealership. So, the next time you have an auto problem, don't just jump up right away and head straight to that dealership.

The first thing any responsible car owner is going to do when forced to take their vehicle to a repair shop is begin getting quotes from local auto repair shops. This is done to avoid being surprised, or out right shocked, by repair costs while physically in the auto repair shop or being put in a situation where the price of repair is more than you can afford. Getting a quote before taking a car to be repaired will avoid uncomfortable or embarrassing situations, and it will also keep car owners from paying more than necessary for repairs.

There are usually three different types of quotes that auto mechanics working at repair shops will give someone calling to inquire. There are some shops that will absolutely refuse to give quotes over the phone usually giving the caller several confusing and contradicting reasons for why they can not give quotes over the phone. Other auto repair shops will give an extremely low price that is, in some cases, unrealistic, in hopes of getting you into their location so that they can attempt to over charge you for additional parts or labor. Sometimes shops providing inexpensive quotes will actually live up to their claims but will cut many corners are use inferior parts that will cost you more money over time since you will have to return to the shop at later dates to have the initial problem looked at again. Lastly, there are auto mechanics that will give extremely detailed, often expensive, quotes over the phone that cover ever situation and scenario that are usually extremely confusing and hard to follow.

In the end it is up to the consumer to make their choice based on their own experiences and situation. However, it is often in a car owner's best interest to visit the auto mechanic that has given the highest and most detailed quote. This usually means that the auto repair shop is interested in educating customers by providing them with information that they would not have thought to inquire about and not attempting to hide and possible costs. Also, these shops have not attempted to lure in new customers by advertising a low price, they have chosen to risk losing a potential customer by stating a price that they often know is higher than that of their competitors.