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Car Engine Repair


Troubleshooting Common Car Engine Problems

The costs of auto repair can be expensive. Yet, this can be avoided if you can troubleshoot basic auto repair problems. Before you decide to have your car checked for auto repair, you have to seek first a professional mechanic and a reliable auto shop to make sure that your car is in good hands.

There are different types of car problems- the common and unusual problems. If you encounter such mechanical problems, then definitely, you'll need an auto repair. However, because of the advancement of technologies these days, car engines are usually controlled by computers which makes it necessary to use computers/expensive machine and equipment to solve car problems. This makes it hard for mechanics to repair car problems and will eventually make auto repair costs expensive. We have listed below the common car problems and how to troubleshoot them. The following will focus on car engine repair only.

Sometimes, car owners put too much oil in their car. Well, this is just normal especially if the car engine is quite old. However, if you put too much oil it may cause problem such as worn pistons or worn gasket, or worst, replacement of head gasket. When you encounter this problem, you may need to replace the PCV valve or valve seals.

Another common car problem is car engine misfiring. This may be an effect of ignition timing. Adjust the timing if necessary to avoid misfiring. Another cause can be a congested fuel filter, so you also have to replace it. Moreover, replacing parts of the ignition system may also reduce this problem. This includes distributor cap, spark plug, rotor and ignition wire.

You may also notice that sometimes when you start your car engine, it just won't work or move. This is what we call hesitating engine. This may also be a cause of a congested or clogged fuel filter or the ignition wires. The solution to this is to replace these car parts. However, for some reason, the cause may be severe problems such as a clogged catalytic converter. Again, you need to replace the entire unit to solve this problem. Another cause of hesitating engine is water in gasoline. For this problem, you'll need to drain your gas tank to make sure that there is no water left in the tank. This requires a professional mechanic to avoid further car problems.

Lastly, when your car exhausts too much smoke and of different colors, your car has different problems. For this, you have to seek a professional auto repair mechanic. If you see that the smoke is blue-ish or gray-ish, it may be a valve problem, and hence, you need to replace the valve seals and PCV valve. If the smoke is white or is water vapour, it may be a more serious problem. Your car may have a cracked engine block or cylinder head. But if the smoke is black, it may only be caused by a dirty air filter.

So there you have the common car engine repair problems and how to troubleshoot them. Remember, if you can identify and solve these basic car engine repairs, your auto repair costs will be minimized. And with these savings, you can spend it in buying other car necessities and accessories.