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Auto Car Repair

A How‐To Auto Repair Guide Helps You Learn Your Car

Auto repair and maintenance can get very expensive. Between replacing parts and paying $60 an hour or more for labor, costs for even simple repairs can skyrocket in a hurry. One way that some people are lowering their auto repair expenses is by making simple repairs on their own. With a good car repair manual as a how-to guide for auto repair, many people can save hundreds of dollars a year on repairs and maintenance.

Some common auto repairs that some people do on their own include:

Changing oil.
Replacing filters and fluids.
Replacing a dead battery.

There are two important things to be aware of if you choose to make some of your own auto repairs. The first is to keep accurate records of all the maintenance work you perform. For most drivers, cars need oil changes every 3000-4000 miles. Your oil filter needs to be replaced every other oil change, while the air filter should be changed once a year. If you don’t keep track of when you perform certain auto repairs, you run the risk of running on sub-standard parts that can cause serious engine damage. Also, not properly maintaining your vehicle could void your warranty. If you do encounter some major problems that are under warranty but cannot show that you have taken all the necessary steps to properly maintain your vehicle, the warranty holder may hold you responsible for the damages and not honor the warranty.

The second thing is to make sure you have the right auto repair manual for your vehicle. Manuals are specific to the make, model and year, so you must make sure to have the right one. A 2004 manual for a Honda Accord will not be of much use if you have a 2008 Accord. Similarly, if you have a 2008 Accord, an auto manual from a comparable Chevrolet vehicle will not give you the right how-to information for your auto repair.

There is nothing wrong with taking your vehicle to a certified technician for auto repairs and maintenance, especially for major repairs. A good manual with a how-to guide for auto repair and accurate records can help you save money on maintenance and repair costs.