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Car Repair Videos

This online auto repair videos section is a quick and easy way to learn more about DIY car repairs. On this page is a video that shows how to dig through information quickly in a web based service manual. Also how to find things that at first seem to be missing. More often then not what you need is in there but finding it is hard.

More importantly this page will lead you to more clips about a wide variety of car repair subjects. Some of these videos I made myself and are available in other places on the you fix cars website. Also available is a new on demand training series that lets you stream technician training sessions about an hour long for around 3 bucks from Amazon.

There will also be automotive educational videos from Haynes manuals, excellent videos posted to you tube video sharing service and a few other sources.

Some people learn faster by watching videos as opposed to reading textbooks or even website pages. So in the interest of providing what people want I built this page to connect you to some of the most educational automotive repair videos I could find.

Below you will find a brief description of each one followed by a text link that leads to the individual video page here on this website. After the clip I often add my two cents on the big takeaways or a further explanation of complex diagnosis.

Take advantage of the bookmark and share buttons so you can come back and watch more videos, and check for new content as I add to the site on a regular basis.

See inside a Chevrolet online service manual. I purchased a subscription for my own vehicle a 2004 Blazer ZR2 and shot a screen capture video so you could see how it works. This clip shows what's included in this web based version and provides tips on how to get the most out of it.

Shortly after I made this clip the demo unit was changed. See what the ALL-DATA Demonstration Vehicle is today. Plus a little further down you'll find links to excellent video content on interesting subjects. They play right on this site. Watching these videos will not make you a professional car mechanic. Maybe it will motivate you to try some DIY repairs at home?