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Car Seat Repair


How To Repair Car Seats After Damages

The interior of your auto is subject to wear with frequent use. This means small tears in your upholstery along with stains. A professional auto upholstery company can repair fabric, vinyl and leather seats in most cases, but there are at-home methods available, too.


The best time to repair car seats with a tear is while it is small. Large rips are harder to mend neatly and are best dealt with by a pro. For fabric tears, you'll find it's possible to hide the repair if it's near a seam. Use a needle and matching thread and close with small stitches. Keep in mind if the fabric is frayed, the mending will be obvious.


A vinyl tear can be remedied with a matching vinyl patch. Match a vinyl swatch to your upholstery color.  Carefully trim away any rough edges around the hole in the seat, and slip in the patch underneath. Use tweezers if your fingers are too thick to work carefully. Once the patch is in place, gently raise the torn upholstery over it and apply a vinyl adhesive around the edges, then press down. Never adhere a patch on top of a hole as it will not stay for very long. Keep the patched work out of direct sunlight as it dries according to directions.

For a more professional method to repair car seats, you can order an auto repair kit  that comes with a matching compound and textured sheet to cover the surface area. A heating tool is applied, and the paper sheet is peeled off after it cools.  


Leather damage can be refurbished using some of the same methods as vinyl repair. There are also leather restoration kits available for cracks and fading that are mixed to match your upholstery color.

For water damage, leather seats can be massaged until they soften, even if exposure has made them stiff. If the damage is major, no matter what type of upholstery you have, the whole seat cover may have to be replaced because cushions will absorb contaminants and eventually smell.