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Foreign Car Repairs

Foreign Car Repair Shop

There is a saying that goes "an ounce of prevention is truly worth a pound of cure." And when it comes to foreign car repair, this statement could not be truer. Aimported car needs a little attention to stay in its peak running condition. The good news is, giving your car a little attention now will help to prevent future breakdowns and expensive problems. Keeping import cars in proper alignment and balance is important.

Finding the right import auto service specialist will make maintaining your valuable vehicle a lot easier. It takes some research to find a jewel among the stones in this industry. There are plenty of general car repair places, but few who are truly specialists in the delicate workings found in imports. Here are a few tips to guide you to the right specialist to care for your vehicle.

Ask for referrals

It's always a good idea to ask around when it comes to finding a service professional. Check with people who own a similar make or model to your imported car. If you are trying to find a quality Mercedes Benz auto repair shop, for example, ask another Mercedes owner.

Find out what repair shops he has used in the past and how he felt about them. Don't be afraid to ask for a blunt opinion. Most people are willing to share their experiences. However, be sure to ask specifically what the person liked about the service provider. Most people are more likely to give the details on a bad experience that a good one. Dig out the specifics to learn why a service provider might be a good choice. Check with the local Better Business Bureau for information, too.

Use your good sense

A quality business of any kind is usually not that difficult to spot. Look for a clean and well-kept facility. The staff should be easy to identify and quick to help. Any signs, posters or decals on the windows should be new or in good repair. If a "sale" sign has been up long enough to fade and crumble then that sale isn't really a sale. You should feel comfortable in the waiting area and with the staff.

If you can see into the service area, look for a neat and tidy bay with plenty of tools. If the floor is littered with rags or parts the staff isn't taking much pride in their workplace or their actual work. Auto repair involves a fair bit of oil and grime so the bays won't exactly sparkle, but clutter and junk in the floor isn't a good sign. Import auto repair also requires some specialized tools so the mechanic's selection should be quite a bit larger than the average tool kit.

Be confident

Many people are intimidated by repair shops and auto repair in general. It doesn't have to be scary issue. Be confident about making a choice, even if you aren't an expert about engines. Your import car repair shop should make you feel confident about their services, too. A technician should take the time to explain in plain English what repairs your car may need and what services may help keep it performing at its peak. You should not feel pressured or rushed. The staff should always be respectful of the customer regardless of his level of auto repair knowledge.