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Car Accident Repair


Repairing your car after an accident

Unfortunately, accidents happen – even to experienced drivers. But if you’re involved in a collision, your Ford has the benefit of the very latest safety technology, to help protect yourself and your passengers from injury.
The chances are, your car will sustain at least some damage though. Rest assured, your Ford Accident Repair Centre is the best place to have it restored to its pre-accident condition.
Remember, you have the right to choose where your repairs are carried out, even if your insurer operates an approved repairer scheme. Be aware that those approved repairers may not have the skills and equipment available at a Ford Accident Repair Centre. 
 Don't panic
You've had an accident but what do you do next?

Our guide will help you through the process, from the scene of the accident to the completed repair at an accident repair centre of your choice. Just click on the link below to download it.

Remember, it's Your Ford, Your Choice.
Arranging your repairs
Contact your nearest Ford Accident Repair Centre and they’ll manage the entire repair process for you. They will:
  • Collect your vehicle from the scene of the accident, if necessary, with our 24-hour vehicle recovery service
  • Schedule an appointment for your vehicle to be assessed and produce a complete repair estimate
  • Liaise with your insurer to gain authorisation to commence repairs
  • Repair your vehicle in line with Ford’s recommended repair techniques, using genuine Ford parts.
  • Provide you with a unique three-year repair warranty and maintain any remaining cover under the Ford perforation warranty
To find your Accident Repair Centre use our Dealer Locator .
How to make a claim on Ford Insure
If you’re covered by Ford Insure motor insurance and you wish to make a claim, call our claims helpline on 0800 048 0951.
We’ll send you a claim form – just fill it in, sign it and send it back to us, and we’ll do the rest.