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Car Lock Repair

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Car Lock Repair ‐ Leave it to the Professionals

If you’ve ever looked up car lock repair on the Internet, you’ve probably found literally thousands of articles on how to do it yourself. One of the first things you may be told to do is to remove the inside door panel. Unless you’re heavily into auto mechanics, that’s actually a rather scary thought. The next thing you may be told is that if your dealer doesn’t have the part that you may need to go to the local auto salvage yard. Of course many salvage yards will pull the part, for a fee, but it still conjures up images of walking through row after row of dead cars looking for one just like yours so you can yank off the part you need.

Let’s face it. For many of us, car lock repair is something best left to the professionals. They know what they’re doing. It’s easier to call an auto locksmith that can probably take care of the problem in 10 minutes as opposed to our two days of fumbling around; trying to figure out how to get that door panel back on once we take it off. Or driving around with the door panel in the back seat until we can beg a mechanically inclined friend to put it back on for us.

If you break your key off in the lock, you’ll find a ton of articles online, explaining in detail how you can easily extract the broken portion of the key with the use of a hacksaw blade, a jigsaw blade and a dental pick. Well once you have succeeded getting these all stuck in the door lock alongside the broken key, you can embarrassingly explain to the locksmith why your car door now looks something like Edward Scissorhands.

The truth is, a lot of us are not that into making repairs on our own vehicles. We’d rather pay someone to do it right, than to risk the additional damage we might do. And that’s okay! In the long run we’re probably saving money anyway. So the next time you’re tempted by one of those do-it yourself car lock repair articles, think of the consequences. Then look up the number for your local locksmith and give him a call.