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Car Repair Information


Maintaining your car

Proper, routine car maintenance is vital to avoid major repair bills and keep your vehicle running reliably for many years. Whether you do the work yourself or hire a trained mechanic, our advice and tools will empower you to go the distance and save money along the way.

Learn about common problems and get car repair estimates with our Car Repair Guide.

Talk with other consumers about tires or general repair and maintenance in our forums.

Do it yourself

How to detail your car
How to get to 200,000 miles
Key maintenance checks
Portable jump starters
Use the right fluids
How to check engine
How to inspect belts and hoses
Brake pads: What to look for
Car-repair encyclopedia

Car care advice

Car washing dos & don’ts
Getting rid of odors
Tire-care tips
How to detail the interior
Keys to smart car packing
Refurbishing your car
Replace your key for less
How to find a great mechanic

Car care tests & reviews

Car batteries
Car wax
Exterior trim cleaners
Tire-pressure gauges
Headlight cleaners
Wheel cleaners
Scratch repair pens
Halogen headlight bulbs

Maintenance & repairs

What to do if the "check engine" light goes on
Ways to keep maintenance costs down
Car noises
Car repair shop satisfaction
Car-service gripes
Mechanic ripoffs
What to do after an accident
Tailpipe smoke
Vehicles prone to engine sludge
Where to go for repairs


'Counterfeit' tires pose consumer risk
A winter tire you can use all year long
Who makes the best tires?
Warning signs of tire failure
Plus-size tires
What's wrong with used-tires?
Keep tires cool in summer
Siping tires
Tire Talk Forum