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Car Speaker Repair

Speaker Repair…Don’t throw it away…Fix it!

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Speaker repair…..Speakers, over time, can wear out giving you a distorted or annoying musical/vocal reproduction. If you have a worn out or damaged speaker, woofer or midrange, instead of replacing it, consider having them repaired by re-coning it. It’s a lot less expensive. Here are a few of the symptoms where a re-coning can help remedy:

Don’t go out and buy a replacement driver unless it is the exact factory replacement. Because each driver in speaker enclosure is a finely tuned instrument (matched to work with the other drivers and the crossover network), haphazardly replacing any of these components will not produce a satisfactory result, often they end up sounding terrible.  Instead, let us rebuild your driver with a new speaker cone and voice coil.

You have the option of sending the driver in for re-coning by removing the woofer or midrange yourself, or sending the complete speaker in and Paradyme will remove and reassemble the drivers for you. Be sure to ship your speaker in an adequately protected shipping container.

Car Speakers

Many of today’s cars use non-standard speakers.  They are odd sized or shaped or non-standard impedance.  Replacing these speakers at the automobile dealership is very expensive.  Instead, have us recone them.  By reconing,we will replace the worn/damage items, bringing them back to original performance.  We can remove and reinstall the speakers for you.