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Collision Repair


Once your vehicle is brought in to H.Heaven for collision repair, a thorough examination is performed to determine whether there is hidden damage. Hidden damage cannot be seen until the vehicle has been disassembled. Hidden damage can include damage to the engine, suspension, fuel lines and other specific internal vehicle parts.

 A collision repair shop will raise the vehicle on a lift to closely inspect underneath the vehicle. The shop is looking for components that have shifted or are out of place. Entire engine parts, such as the transmission, can shift and in some cases pinch a hose, causing the transmission to fail after time. A close inspection is necessary to determine future causes of breakdowns.

Wheel alignment, tires and suspension components should also be performed as part of collision repair. Alignment problems often point to a variety of other issues that may go unchecked if proper inspection is not performed. Things such as tire wear will become obvious after months of improper alignment and when discovered, will be too late to be covered by insurance.

Running a diagnostic with trouble codes can be useful in determining problems. Codes such as a check engine light or transmission pressure can be stored in memory and be presented to the insurance company for reference. If future problems arise, this diagnositic procedure can save on future repairs that should be covered as part of collision repair.