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Engine Repair

Engine Repair: What's an Engine Rebuild?


If you begin to suspect that your vehicle requires an engine repair or a complete engine rebuild, you will want to make sure you have it examined by a well-qualified, reputable, certified mechanic. Of course, not all vehicles will need such extensive auto repairs. However, if you even suspect that this is what your vehicle requires; don't panic.

The typical symptoms that engine repair work or an engine rebuild may be required include some of the following:

  • Excessive smoke from the exhaust system
  • Excessive oil consumption
  • Coolant mixed with oil
  • Low compression
  • Overheating of the engine

Although not every single one of these symptoms alone indicates the need for a complete engine rebuild, if your vehicle begins to show any sign of these problems, it is definitely time to get a thorough inspection and diagnosis from an ASE-certified mechanic.

With the proper preventive vehicle maintenance and automotive repair Blaine, MN diagnosis, the work required for your engine repair will, hopefully, be minimal. However, if more extensive work is required, here are some definitions that may be helpful for you to know:

Rebuilt: A reconditioned engine that has been cleaned, inspected, and severely worn or broken parts have been replaced. Serviceable parts are reused that are still within the manufacturer's acceptable wear limits.

Remanufactured: An engine that has been made as close to new as ossible. All core material is closely inspected and checked against original equipment specifications for tolerances. Wearable parts are automatically replaced with parts that are new and made in the same production process as the original equipment. Manufacturer specifications and original production standards are used in testing performance.

Used: An engine that has been simply removed from one vehicle and placed in another one with very little, if any, reconditioning being performed.

Be sure to ask your auto mechanic questions to make sure you understand exactly what you are getting before you authorize repairs.